Vigil for animals in Sheffield University laboratories

Today we marked International Animal Rights Day (IARD) with a candlelight vigil outside the University of Sheffield, where 30 000 animals are experimented on and killed every year. IARD is coordinated by Sheffield-based animal rights group Uncaged, and is marked around the world with vigils, information stalls and demonstrations.


Saturday 3rd July: March Against The Murderers

Don’t forget, this Saturday there’s a march in Bradford against animal experiments. Amongst other outrages, the university continues to test recreational drugs on animals, including cocaine, ketamine and PCP. Meet at midday at Centenary Square, and see the Bradford campaign page for more details.

There will be transport from Sheffield, so get in touch at if you’d like a lift.

Successful march against vivisection

Thanks to everyone who came to the march on Saturday, or helped prepare for it. We had around 80 people, giving a great boost to the campaign and showing that we’re committed to stopping animal experiments in Sheffield. Our march coincided with an open day at the University of Sheffield, so those who haven’t even started studying know something of the vile experiments carried out by the University. All staff were sent an email by the University, alerting them about the march and giving us some much-appreciated publicity. Check back on this website to keep up to date with the campaign, or get in touch if you’d like to get involved. Read on for more photos of Saturday’s march.

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Posters for Saturday’s demo

We have some black and white posters for the Stop Vivisection In Sheffield demo on Saturday. Download the pdf file here, to print, photocopy and leave wherever you go! Naturally, don’t put them up anywhere you’re not allowed to.

We’re still looking for people to take photos on Saturday, so if you’ve a knack for photography and could transfer digital photos to our laptop after the demo, please get in touch!

P.S. Remember, the march is now starting outside the Cathedral, not City Hall!

June 19th demo update

The June 19th demo Stop Vivisection In Sheffield is fast approaching. If you haven’t yet decided whether you can come, or haven’t planned your transport, now is the time to get organised!

The route

Due to clashes with other events in the city, the starting point has been changed from City Hall to the Cathedral, just a couple of minutes walk away. There will be a couple of people outside City Hall, directing any protestors who haven’t heard about the change to the new meeting point. There will be some vegan food on sale outside the Cathedral and on the march, but the meeting point is also right by the Blue Moon vegetarian cafe. The march route is detailed on the map below, winding through the city centre and up through the University of Sheffield to end in Weston Park. Sheffield Bike Festival is on the same day, so feel free to pop down to Devonshire Green afterwards!

How you can help

We still have lots of flyers to distribute before the march. Let us know if you can give some out in your area, or if you’d like to come flyering with others in Sheffield.

If you have space in your car or bus, we may be able to put you in touch with potential passengers (and vice versa). At the moment, we know of people from Southampton and Kings Lynn looking for lifts. If you need transport from London, or could be picked up from a service station on the M1, please email to see if there’s space.

On the day, please bring banners, placards, flyers for other demos, megaphones, drums, whistles, and anything else that will make this a march to remember!

We need some people to volunteer as stewards – if you’re happy to help guide the march and be a point of contact for protestors, please get in touch.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at

Sheffield Uni demo video

We’ve just received this video footage from a group of film students who came along to our campaign launch at Sheffield Uni. Enjoy!

Transport from London to June 19th demo

Activists from London will be booking a coach to the Stop Vivisection in Sheffield march on June 19th. They can pick people up from service stations on the M1, but please let them know in advance so they know what size coach to book. Email for more information or to book a place.